Lorena Sopit’s “Ray”, the only Albanian film participant in Cannes Short Corner

The short film “Ray”, whose screenwriter and director is Lorena Sopi, will be the only Albanian film to appear before the filmmakers of the world-famous Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Festival, which this year has the 71st edition of the show, will be held from May 8th to 19th, while Ray will appear on May 17 at Palais G at 15.00.

The film deals with a single day of Rreze Abdullahu’s diary, dubbed Ana Frank of Kosovo, as the diary was written during the wartime.

On the ninth birthday, Rreze Avdullahu in the Personal Diary had just written a birthday wish, which was to remain alive.

On that day, Rreze had approached the Serbian soldier who guarded him and the other people who were there, and said, “I have my birthday today and I’m not dying! I just want to stay alive … “. After these words, as she had written in the diary, the soldier began to cry, which the little Rreze could not believe.

Eighteen years later, she appears desperate with the world that has not become better and as she had dreamed of as a child.

The film is 12 minutes and a half long and is produced by AS Film Production. Gloriaza Shala, Agron Shala and Aurita Agushi play the main roles.

This is not the first movie of Lorena Sopi, as her repertoire is enriched with the realization of other films, including: ‘Mona’, ‘Better than Spring’ and ‘Everlasting Child’, who have been part of more than 50 international festivals and have won more than 20 cinematic awards.