Irfete Spahiu, the first general of the KSF

March, 6 brings to two special remarks to Officer Irfete Spahiu. From March 6 this year she carries the rank of general, becoming the first and only woman with this rank in the Kosovo Security Force (KSF). Whereas, March 6, 1996 is remembered for the first oath as a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). She says that 22 years of dedication have made it natural to join the military hierarchy, Koha Ditore reports.

“The date of 6 March was the day when I felt the best and above all I felt that dose of appreciation, which was done by others,” Spahiu said, along with the promotion by the country’s president, Hashim Thaçi , the same day was appointed Commander of Doctrine and Training Command to the Kosovo Security Force, located in Ferizaj. She is now completing two PhDs, in the field of economics and finance.

According to her, this promotion has been done only by the fact that she was lucky to be the first woman in the KSF, who gets that degree.

“I feel good in uniform, when you are a career officer or a career member, these are natural processes. Rising in rank and career in me has coincided, I take a degree, which in view of the public seems to be the first high rank that a woman has achieved in the KSF, “Spahiu says, adding that this has followed since from the beginning of military career.

“But this has followed me from the beginning of my career, to be the first or only officer in the assigned rank,” says General Spahiu, adding that she has accepted this degree because she believes she can successfully perform the task that has been given to her. // Koha Ditore